Super Toxic!

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Ever wonder what the man in the yellow suit (Toxic) would look like if he Transformed into a bigger, beefed up version of himself? Well Francisco Collado from Argentina did just that! The image is a frame extracted (Taken) from a Animation of the the man in the yellow suit transforming into Super Toxic says Mat from Nitrome. It’s a real cool image!

Update: This image was not made by Francisco Collado. It was stolen from Dan Fessler’s blog. Read More…

(NOTE: The post is not showing up on The post may have been deleted)


5 Responses to Super Toxic!

  1. zsashas says:

    The post shows up on Nitrome just fine. Lol. Btw, is there a link to the animation?

  2. Sorry. The Animation isn’t available for public view (Says Mat Annal on Nitrome).

  3. zsashas says:

    awww why not? lol

  4. Because Mat Annal got the Animation through E-Mail. And didn’t show it to there Fans on the blog. It may be possible to find the Animation on the Internet.

    By the Way…thanks for coming to my Blog. I won’t to try to get it popular.

  5. bamseper says:

    it have nothing to do hith toxic! go self to the article in the nitrome blog=(

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